Big hands holding hands, "a little traffic on the road" directing traffic

On January 5, 2014 WISEHAWK to carry out the "big hands holding hands, civilized traffic persuasion activities", 20 small traffic police took to the streets to assist the traffic police.

First civilian police uncles led 20 small traffic police learn right traffic command gestures, then lead the newly trained small traffic policemen came to the crossroads, let them "on the road" in person, with the traffic police officers are directing traffic.

"Uncle aunt, please stand back waiting for the green light to traffic!" "Civilization comity, comply with the order, please order lined up to get on the bus!" And children young voice from time to time.

Small traffic policemen in the process of directing traffic, and also to the citizens and the pilot distributing flyers, inform the general public must be law-abiding, safe driving, travel civilization.

Small traffic policemen said: "through this activity, we not only can persuade passers-by civilization driving, walking, to abandon the students some traffic habit, also can enhance our sense of responsibility and public spirit, in order to own a bit in the development of the city."