June 8 wisdom eagle Wisehawk through alibaba site certification

June 8 wisdom eagle Wisehawk field certification field certification through alibaba is the enterprise with the help of third party certification bodies, their clients or the relevant enterprise conduct site inspection, field test of a professional certification service. According to the international buyers really care about the content and quality system requirements, review its authenticity, production equipment, quality management, and other important indicators, assessment report issued and quickly.

By professional field forensics, forensic door-to-door collection enterprise product information such as office space, production workshop, warehouse, and then by a third party certification company for professional information to verify authentication, real present status of the seller, and decrease the cost of purchasing decisions.

Under the environment of e-commerce transactions, how to increase trust, quick to clinch a deal is a top priority, so field certification for buyers and sellers in international transactions are of very important significance.

For buyers:

Third party certification bodies auditors to supplier site gathering evidence, photographs, to purchase most real information

Fast matching purchase demand, reduce the cost of screening

Comprehensive assessment of potential or existing suppliers

Diversified channels of communication, purchasing experience pleasant cooperation experience

With the reliable supplier to reduce the cost of screening

For Chinese suppliers:

Third party certification body to help suppliers to show enterprise, more credibility

Increases the transparency of operation, enhance the brand credibility

Win a high degree of international trade credit, increase the bargaining chip

Obtain first-class international trade service provider's business assistant

Show the comprehensive strength, improve the weak link

Our factory on June 8, 2015 field certification complete alibaba, although this is only one step into electricity, but as long as one step a footprint, wisdom eagle can continue to grow stronger, become a world-class brand toys.

Wisdom of the eagle "spell" to dream

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