Wisehawk Western food knife and fork etiquette training

Western-style food as the main diet of the west, was popular with the west nobles, so western etiquette is very exquisite. Use fork and knife method, the United States and Britain has some difference, the UK is under the influence of gentleman poise, used his left hand fork, right hand knife and then cut into the size of the edible. For western food, and pay attention to the place is a napkin etiquette, usually the napkins are stacked neatly on retainer dish dish plate, you can turn on directly on the leg, if want to leave, napkin on the stool can be said for a while will come back, if you put your napkin on the table, the waiter will take your tableware and the rest of the food, because of the napkin on the table represents the end of the meal. Western etiquette is one of the keys to ensure the western-style food dining elegant, western etiquette in mind don't matter at the party.

Table manners is one of the social etiquette of today's society is very important, also is a kind of attitude, treat people of Wisehawk regularly open to teach children the right table manners. Mom and dad can accompany children learn standard table manners, and lay a solid foundation of table manners, develop a little gentleman fair maiden of society.