Waste creative DIY Wisehawk turns into a small green

In this era of living garbage everywhere, in a world of environmental pollution is more and more serious. We face the loss of the ozone layer over the Antarctic, we sigh for it. Think how powerless, feeling the businessman too much interest, feeling the world. But we have not thought about, we can change, even though our strength is very small. Protect the earth, starts from me.

Abandoned the toothpaste box, discarded in the empty bottles, when have dinner, the use of disposable chopsticks, the daily life can do what we throw away the rubbish? On environmental hand-made contest Wisehawk, children play ideas, gives a different answer.

Purpose: to protect the environment, protect the earth

Activity form: give priority to with DIY handmade DIY scrap creative activities, students can play imagination and creativity, to change old items for treasure, health, fashion, and reengineering pioneering product ideas.

Activity time: on March 20, 2014 - March 31, 2014

Location: community street


1, around the theme of "waste utilization, environmental protection innovation", to "green, innovation, happiness, wisdom, unity" a rich imagination, using waste material of elaborate design, elaborate, let it play the function of the new, achieve the goal of promote energy conservation and environmental protection.

2, there is no limit on the subject matter.

3, design reasonable, full of beauty, style, the spirit of positive and healthy style.

Selection method: after the author delivered work Wisehawk, numbered by Wisehawk staff to submit works; And exhibited in the "community", by the community residents to vote for the favorite works.

After the activity, staff statistics, finally choose the first prize (2), (3) the first prize, third prize (5) and (2) the most creative award, award.