Eagle Wisehawk 2015 guangzhou international toy fair

On April 8, 2015-10, the 27th guangzhou international toys and model poly world trade exhibition center during the exhibition, attracted tens of thousands of domestic and foreign professional buyers to event. This year, as an indicator of the toy industry in China, guangzhou exhibition hall area of 75000 square meters, compared with 50% growth last year, more than 3300 booths, nearly 1300 exhibitors to participate.

Based on reputation, each session of exhibition will attract many domestic and foreign well-known toy enterprise. The exhibition, the exhibitors are also brought a species more abundant more international, more innovative style, brand authorization brands and products. Exhibit on the meeting, Mr Fly, domestic well-known animation companies such as rice, huaqiang all exhibitors, to compete. In addition to the familiar "bears", "pleasant goat and grey Wolf", "pig man", such as domestic brands, the bottom small columns, than a rabbit and other international brands also offers on-site customers in line with international standards of platform and more diverse choices.

In order to better promote the brand, get more favour, the eagle is also simple enough horsepower. From the booth to advertising, everything carefully. At the scene of the many activities, stand out. Do the smallest particles blocks in the world is not our goal, do the world leading brand of microparticles building blocks, is the core objective of eagle building brand.

Blocks are no longer a simple toy, it can be a fashionable breath, it is not only confined to the role and the function of toys, puzzle and so on, it should have a more specific and more fully defined, along with the development of The Times and change, this kind of the smallest particles blocks, intellectual eagle defines it as "fashion blocks".