Brand positioning:

Brand positioning: micro particles blocks the first fashion brand in the world

Brand slogan: your dream "spell"

Brand positioning: crowd character, creative, pursue, dream, pay attention to the quality of life

Brand market positioning: the global market

The price of brand positioning: in the high-end

Brand introduction:

Hong Kong eagle brand building blocks (Wisehawk), founded in 1995, the world of micro particles blocks the first fashion brands, products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and around the world, loved by fashion young talent from all over the world. With the return of Hong Kong in 1997, the Hong Kong eagle group headquarters started planning into the Chinese market, and finally in 2007 and shantou guangxing toy factory in guangdong province to achieve brand strategy alliance, fully accepted guangxing toy factory in Hong Kong eagle (Wisehawk) brand building blocks in China's manufacturing, sales and brand promotion.

Brand meaning:

Moral wisdom eagle (Wisehawk) surface as the "intelligent" eagles, while the deep meaning of a symbol of the development of enterprise mission and positioning of the brand image.

The eagle is widespread, in all continents around the world: means wisdom eagle to become a world-class brand.

The eagle is the world's longest life expectancy of birds: means wisdom eagle to become a brand in one hundred.

The rebirth of the eagle: means the brand development road is tortuous, but the future is firm and bright.

Eagle type of people:

They advocate individual character, have the courage to pursue self, to express themselves, never say die;

They attach importance to reach the goal of each process, on the professional pursuit of perfection;

Their analytical, requirements of high standard and can not tolerate the slightest defects exist;

They are very strict self-discipline, honor credibility, heavy quality, is a trustworthy partner;

Brand culture:

The pursuit of self, self breakthrough self, achievement

Brand advantage:

1, world famous microparticles blocks leadership brand, products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and other parts of the world.

2, machinery, automation, using environmental protection material, high quality, high precision, high efficiency.

3, the building modelling, elegant, creative, can be customized to sample.

4, brand positioning, unified national price, to ensure that all levels of the agent's interests.